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Published on Thursday, July 25, 2013


Jabba the Hutt


            We have a tentative meeting setup with Richard Padbury in the coming weeks to sign the Jabba CS. Being able to match schedules has been difficult, and the wait has been grueling. If we are unable to meet with Mr. Padbury as planned, we have elected to move on and have everything sent back to the US for one last potential signer.


The Wookies


            We have been holding out for two of the Wookie performers to sign, which has been the longest part of the wait.  Both gentlemen answer emails in partial, and sporadically making it very difficult to set up signing times. The wait for their replies ranges from weeks to months before we hear from them. Since this holding pattern seems unending we would like to move on to the next signers. There are then three more to go, Dave and Lou Elsey and David Accord.


The Battle of Hoth


At the moment, this project is remaining ‘open’ as the potential signers for this project is limitless. It is here in the US and we are contacting the next signer here in the States. There are several more signers in the UK lined up to sign the next stage. To date, there are 14 names and more to come.


We realize the wait for these has been excruciating. We’ve said it before but nobody wants these projects done more than us. Not to worry, we’re not going anywhere. Nothing will beat the moment when it’s framed on our walls. 

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