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Author: Frank Rich

This afternoon I received a survey in an email from Reed Exhibitions which said:

"We're sorry you weren't able to Join The Party at Star Wars Celebration VI.   We're sorry we missed you at Celebration VI this August - it's hard to believe that all the fun, excitement, entertainment, and shopping are already over. As we begin planning stages for Star Wars Celebration Europe and potentially Celebration VII, we look to you for additional insight.  We appreciate your feedback and ask that you take just a few minutes to tell us why you were unable to Join The Party this August and what we can do to make your next Celebration a must-attend event. To access this brief survey, please visit the link below before September 21."

Because I was reading this on my phone, I only saw the part that said "We're sorry we missed you at Celebration VI..." so I took the survey thinking they might have been doing exit interviews with some guests, asking them about their experiences at the convention.  A few pages into the survey it became clear that it was intended was for people who had gone to previous Celebrations, but did not attend CVI.  Then I remembered I had used my Wattographs email address to apply for the media pass, not the email address I used for CV, so it looked as though I had not attended. 

I was impressed that Reed was taking the time to reach out to people who missed CVI to see how they could win them back for future events.  One set of questions caught my eye immediately:

"How interested are you in attending Star Wars Celebration VII if it were hosted in each of these US cities?"

I was asked to rate my level of interest for each city as "Extremely Interested", "Very Interested", "Somewhat Interested", "Not Very Interested", and "Not Interested". 

The cities listed were:

Las Vegas, Kansas City, Indianaopolis, Orlando, Anaheim, Dallas, and Cleveland.

The next question related to cites was "If you are somewhat, not very or not at all likely to attend Celebration VII, please let us know why?".   My favorite question of all, by far, was "What could we offer or add to make the next Celebration a must-attend event for you?"  My answer was Harrion Ford, Ewan MacGreggor and Liam Neeson...

Will CVII be held in one of those cities?  Let the speculation begin...

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