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Read for yourself what people have to say about the variety and service provided by Wattographs:

  • I received the picture set today (from Celebration IV), they are brilliant and well packaged. This was the first time I have ordered from Wattographs and I am over the moon. My only regret now is that I wish I'd sent you a poster to get signed by Carrie Fisher. I know you would have done a great job, oh well. Nick Little, United Kingdom
  • Hi! I got my signed Jake Lloyd TPM teaser poster back last week (from Celebration IV), and I want to say it's great. Thanks for your service! I even got the signed C IV poster from you guys. Your co-worker had an extra, so he sold it to me. That was awesome. Ryan Pomin, USA
  • Thanks for a great signing opportunity at Celebration IV. I've been able to add some very rare SW people to my poster that I'll probably never get to meet here in the UK. A big Thank You to all at Wattographs. Matthew Popplewell, United Kingdom
  • I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that my script arrived safe and sound on Saturday (from Celebration IV)! I also wanted to express my deepest thanks and gratitude towards you and all the Wattographs staff! I couldn't have asked for a better experience! The autographs look great! You can tell that you and your staff took the utmost care and consideration not only in handling my item, but obtaining all the signatures. I honestly couldn't be happier. If you would please pass this along to all your staff, as I know it must have taken a massive effort to pull off all that you did. I look forward to dealing with you guys in the future for any/every of my autograph needs (that I can't obtain in person ;) )! Chris Botkins, USA
  • Hey! I just got home and there is a huge packed solid Priority Mail envelope here from you (from Celebration IV). I am thrilled and have not even opened it yet! I will tonight in the quiet of the evening (for instance, after the wife is asleep as I do not want to get shot for blowing this kind of money). Anyway, will let you know just how thrilled I am after checking them out. I am so glad you took my order and hooked me up. It is always a pleasure dealing with real professionals. Jeff Pomilla, USA
  • I got the 11 sketch cards back (from Celebration IV), and the autographs you got for me are great! I really appreciate it! David Polis, USA
  • All my posters arrived safe and sound (from Celebration IV). You all did a great job, and I thank you for that!! Kevin Wright, USA
  • Just wanted to give all of you a "B-I-G" Thanks for all your hard work & efforts for getting my son's poster signed (at Celebration IV). You guys accomplished a huge task (problem free), answered all e-mails (almost instantly!) & delivered a top notch product! A customer for life! Don McAdams, USA
  • Just wanted to let you guys know I received my Anthony Daniels pix today (from Celebration IV). They look great!! You have no idea how long I've been waiting to complete them. Thanks again for providing this great service. You guys rock!!! Anthony Kearns, USA
  • I never have used Wattographs before, but already I am impressed with your customer service and support. Stephen Spangler, USA
  • Just letting you know that I recieved my Tux and Chris Parsons signed items in the mail today. Thanks for all your hard work -they look great! Cant wait for the next signing! Thanks again! Jay Dunn, USA
  • I just received the photos I ordered for Chris Parsons, Alan Harris and Tux Akindoyeni. They look great, thanks again on the great job you guys are doing. D. Jeffrey, USA
  • A few weeks ago I ordered the signing of Paul Reubens. Yesterday, I received the item and I am very happy with it. It's a great addition to my collection. Rob Bloemsaat, The Netherlands
  • Received my two photos today. Just wanted to say thank you. They were well worth the wait. Thanks again for all the hard work. I got the Tux/Parsons/Harris autos today. They really blew me away. I couldn't have expected any better - they are truly brilliant autographed photos. Thanks so much. As always - well worth the wait :) C. Robson, United Kingdom
  • I just want to let you guys know that I have dealt with a lot of other autograph companies. Wattographs is so far head and shoulders above the rest, it's laughable. You guys are class. It is just nice to FINALLY see someone who actually is in this line of work with the passion and the love. You guys are all collectors and you never lost sight of that. Wattographs is the best. Great job! Kenny Meyers, USA
  • I received Salacious Crumb today! Thanks for the lightning quick shipping!! Charlie Landin, USA
  • I just wanted to let you know that I received my order (Gonk droid and Aayla Secura) safe and sound. Both pictures and autographs are GREAT! Wattographs will be my first stop for all future Star Wars purchases. Lucinda Caughey, USA
  • I got my Asajj Ventress figure today. It is signed PERFECTLY, exactly as I would have asked her to sign had I been there myself. You guys have delivered a great service again, accepting personal items and shipping them back internationally very promptly. I can't wait for the next signing! Graham Miles, United Kingdom
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my latest purchase. With my schedule I can't get to every convention and even if I could some of these guests are hard to track down. I absolutely LOVE my Carrie Fisher autograph that arrived today and to make it even better, you guys were able to get my picture personalized exactly as I wanted it; just getting Fisher's auto is hard enough, let alone personalized! The turnaround time, shipping and packing were all top notch! I'll be sure to recommend you guys to all of my readers looking to get autographs at a great price from a great company! Thanks again for letting me add another great autograph to my collection! Mark, owner/admin, USA
  • First, let me say thanks a million. You guys are simply awesome. Everything turned out great on my end. Photos look great, everything was handled professionally and it's all good to me. There is no question you guys are a class act. Thank you!!!! Steve Grad, USA
  • Got the poster yesterday and it's awesome!! Thanks so much for going to the show and getting this signed for me. I can't wait to hear about any future private signings. Chad Whyte, USA
  • I put in a tall order for Celebration III and not only did Wattographs manage to get all the autographs I requested, many had nice dedications, movie quotes, etc. I can only imagine how hectic it was there and the gang at Wattographs went above and beyond the call of duty! I’m a customer for life! Steve Vivona, USA
  • THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING SO FAR - YOU'RE THE BEST !! Just wanted to let you know that I received my Michael Pennington & Paul Blake signed items & they are brilliant. THANK YOU WATTOGRAPHS SO VERY MUCH - You are THE BEST as always! YOU are the purest location source of genuine, rare and fantastic authentic Star Wars autographs to be found - PERIOD!!! Liam Dalton, Ireland
  • I received my autographed Luke Skywalker picture today and I just wanted to say thanks. It is very cool! I look forward to doing business with you again. Matt Frydendall, USA
  • "I wanted to let you know I got the stuff that I ordered from the site today. Great stuff! Keep up the good work!" Ross Fitch, USA
  • "Thanks for taking the time for letting me know (the items have) been sent. Also, thank you for the free Sebulba card. I only discovered Wattographs about a month ago and the site has been really helpful." Jason Griffiths, United Kingdom
  • "Thanks. I would like to see more of these special signings. You guys are doing a bang up job on the Wattographs site!! Keep 'em coming! Kevin Zoromski, USA
  • "Thank you for all the updates...I received the photo yesterday and it is wonderful. Please extend my gratitude to Gary for everything as well." Ian Mann, United Kingdom
  • I got the autographs in the mail today with no problems. I'm very pleased with all the autographs. Very cool. Thanks for the great opportunity here--great additions to my collection :) Warren Jacobsen, USA
  • Everything was terrific, absolutely great! The pic was great, the price was right. I am pleased. Keep up the good work. Thanks! David Hartzell, USA
  • I got my sketch cards today. They look great! I'm all for more sketch card offers. Eric Smoot, USA
  • We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy the website and newsletter. Also, we cannot thank you enough for the great autographed pictures...from (the) Motor City Comic Convention. We couldn't attend, but your autograph service was the next best thing. The pictures and autographs were great. Thanks! We will definitely buy from Wattographs again! John, Mary Jo and Nicholas Tenuto, USA

And, here's what the folks at Star Wars Action News (Episode #28, March 13, 2006) had to say about our service of taking personal items for autographing when we attend shows or signings:

Marjorie: We’ve met Gary X of Wattographs down in Dallas. He’s a great guy. He’s a lot of fun…but, he really does take good care of your stuff. You can send him your items to be signed and it’s really cool, because he does a great job of taking care of your items. Everything was unpacked and repacked very carefully…a very classy operation.

Arnie: He’s the only person I would trust with my autographed visual dictionaries.

Marjorie: And that’s saying a lot!

Do YOU have a comment about good service you've received from Wattographs? Use the contact link and let us know!

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