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Please make all checks payable to Scott Toth and not Wattographs. Failure to do so will result in your order being delayed or returned

Scott Toth
34243 Whittaker
Clinton Township, MI 48035

Wattographs was the first to allow you to submit your own personal items for autographs when we have our private signings and attend selected conventions around the globe. Wattographs has handled hundreds of items for the Star Wars Celebration conventions and was called upon by Official Pix to provide send-in services for items for Celebration IV. We have a great track record obtaining autographs for people who cannot make a show—or who want to enjoy the show and not have to worry about autograph lines! We feel this is a valuable service because many people have specific things they'd like signed by Star Wars celebrities and may not have a chance to meet them in person. Also, we're fans ourselves...having our own items signed is part of having a great Star Wars autograph collection.

Please read the following very carefully. It outlines our liabilities and responsibilities if you decide to send your own item to us to be signed:

  • You must package your item very securely, as we will use your packing material to return your item. If you send a poster tube, please ensure it's not going to be easily beat up in the mail. Invest in a thicker tube, rather than a thin one which will bend/dent easily when sending. You can find sturdy tubes at any art supply store or your favorite office supply place.

  • We STRONGLY recommend sending your item to us using some form of tracking, like USPS Priority Mail Tracking, UPS Shipping, FedEx Shipping, DHL Shipping, etc. This provides protection for everyone that an item has been sent and received.

  • We will ship your item to you using Priority Mail from the U.S. Post Office, using delivery tracking in the U.S. International orders will be sent via U.S. AIR MAIL. Currently, we can only track packages in the United States. Postage will be charged on ALL items. If you desire another method of shipping, it is up to you to contact us and pay any fees expected.

  • Insurance will be charged on all items ahead of time UPON REQUEST ONLY. We only charge insurance for the signatures that we get for you. It is up to you to let us know and pay the additional "value" of your item for additional insurance protection. If you do not let us know, we will only insure it for the value of the signatures.

  • For overseas items, we would need to use different methods for return shipping to include insurance. You will need to contact us specifically if you'd like to have any of these options added to your order. Otherwise, we'll mail via USPS Air Mail as we typically do.

  • We promise that your item will be safely taken to the event or celebrity to be signed. Since we often bring our own items for signing, too, we'll ensure that your items receive the same care during travel. Be advised that your materials will be handled as gentle as possible—we have a great track record at keeping items safe and secure. We do not use any middlemen or others who are not vetted by Wattographs to handle items. If we are unable to have a staffer standing there while the items are being signed, we only send the items directly to the celebrity. Period.

  • There does exist the possibility that items may get some wear, including but not limited to small creases or "dings" from being handled, the edges of posters may get wrinkled and any other wear that can be expected from carrying multiple items to signings. Nothing "major" is expected to happen, but you must agree and be aware of things that may happen from us handling the item. Posters are especially vulnerable to having damage as they are packed in tubes with other posters. Damage is also possible to action figures, either having the cards themselves sometimes getting slight bends or "dings," or the plastic bubble which holds the action figure on the card. We do NOT take items to events using "Star Cases" or other holders due to space availability. Sometimes we have to pack items as "luggage" to take via airplane—baggage handlers aren't known for their gentle touch. If your item is too valuable to have any of the aforementioned things happen, please do not send it. (updated July 9, 2011)
  • We will make sure that your item is re-packed securely, often using the same materials you sent us. However, we will NOT assume any responsibility for damage done by whichever shipping method is chosen, both coming to Wattographs and being returned to you. Once things are handed to the shipper, it ceases to become our responsibility. We STRONGLY recommend that you purchase insurance— it is available for a nominal extra charge. International (non-U.S.) insurance is available. Please contact us.

  • Wattographs will not be held responsible for any items which have been tracked and noted as "delivered" by the post office. We are not responsible for the item once the post office has accepted it for delivery, unless insurance and/or delivery signature confirmation has been purchased ahead of time. If the tracking by the shipper notes that the item has been "delivered," it is the customer's responsibility to coordinate with their shipper as to the ultimate destination of the package.

  • Wattographs will place our customized, holographic AARC label on all items sent in for our signings. The label is acid-free and will be placed on the reverse side of your item, so as to not ruin the aesthetic appearance of your item. (added September 17, 2009)

  • Wattographs will make every attempt to get any personalization requests that you desire, however, it is entirely up to the celebrity if they choose to personalize, add quotes, add character name or any other extras than their signature. Personalization can be requested, but is not guaranteed. (added November 29, 2009)

  • Wattographs reserves the right to refuse any items we deem inappropriate. If you have a question arises about a particular item's appropriateness, please contact us first. With this in mind:

  • Celebrities retain the right to refuse to sign any item. If, for whatever reason, a celebrity decides to not sign a particular item, we will refund your fees for the signing, less shipping and handling. (added October 11, 2009)

  • We try to have our signings take the minimum amount of time possible. However, once the signing has finished the ordering period, it takes approximately two weeks to receive all the photographs from Official Pix. When they arrive, then all items are sent out to be signed. The majority of our signings take place outside the United States. If items have to go to our staffer in Australia, they can take up to three weeks each way to arrive to/from that country. To go to the UK, it can take 7-10 days. Once the items arrive, then schedules have to align to allow our staffer to meet with the celebrity. A good number of our staff and the celebrities are still working professionals, so they have to allow time in their schedules to autograph items. Sometimes, schedules aren't immediately available to have the items signed, so it necessitates a waiting period to allow that to happen. This is the only anticipated cause of delays in signings outside of actual time shipping the items for signing. (added October 11, 2009)

  • You agree to hold harmless Wattographs, Orwell Interactive Media, Lucasfilm, and any other entities related to any convention or private signing in the event of lost or damaged items. In the extremely rare instance something is lost, we are only responsible for the amount which your item has been insured for and paid for in advance.

  • In the event of an actor not appearing due to professional commitments, we will refund your autograph fees, less any shipping and handling charges of your items.

  • By submitting your order, you agree that any items sent to us are subject to the above guidelines. We have a fantastic track record with handling personal items that we take to shows and private signings and do everything possible to maintain that.

    Again, by submitting your order, you certify that you agree to the above terms.

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