Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Wattographs Signing Projects Status Board

It's often highly inconvenient for the Wattographs staff to send out tons of emails at every turn or to answer the many questions about our signings. Due to the fact that we have several signings ongoing at any moment, it becomes problematic to answer the same type of email every time.

We've created this page to list our signings that are outstanding and where they are in the process. Please do not send email regarding "Where's my stuff," as this page will now list all of our ongoing projects and their status. All emails will be referred to this page. Thank you for your understanding.

Dates (in parenthesis) are the last time we've made an update. Sometimes those may be out of date...however, that would be the most current status report for that signing.



Colin Skeaping (Feb 2012 Signer) — Items are in the UK, awaiting signing. (23 Apr 2012)

   David Prowse (Mar 2012 Signer) — Signing complete. (1 May 2012)
   Doug Beswick (June 2012 Signer) — Signing in ordering phase until June 30. (1 June 2012)


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Battle of Hoth —Doug Beswick added as next signer. Invoices will be going out soon. We are anticipating Kenny Baker to be the next signer after Doug. More info once we make confirmations. (1 Jun 2012)

   Wookiees — Julian Khazzouh's schedule has been unpredictable, so we're awaiting a break for him to be able to sign. After that, it's to Dave and Lou Elsey in the UK to finish. (1 Jun 2012)

 Jabba the Hutt — Unfortunately, still awaiting Bob Bromley and David Pye's schedules to coincide. David has had some personal issues which has prevented him from being able to drive approximately seven hours one-way to get this completed. We're hoping that David will be able to accomplish this soon.

Then, it's back to the U.S. for one more potential signer. If this signer declines to participate, we'll call it finished at that point. (1Jun 2012)

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