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7/12/2012 7:01 PM

Hi, My name is Jamie from the UK. I used to be a member of these here forums long ago (maybe 5+ years), my username was Dark_iced_jedi back then but I doubt anyone would remember me haha. This is a bit of a long post so bear with me please. :)

Firstly, I used to be mates with another Wattograph member called David Pye (The Pyeman?) back when I lived in Norwich and were both part of the Norwich SW Club. I have since lost all contact with him when I left the city but was wondering if he was still about on here or if anyone has an email address with which I could reconnect with him?

Secondly, I have a big favour to ask and maybe some of you can help me with. I know I'm kinda bending the rules here and apologies in advance. I have been out of the SW collecting game now almost 5 years but some of the collection has remained in store. I am now at university (shows my age back then :P) and have got a exchange place to study abroad in Africa (Botswana) from January next year so am trying to raise funds to make this possible. 

Now I am NOT selling my items on here and I am NOT advertising them as for sale so I hope this doesn't annoy the admins of the forums. However, I do have a small collection of autographs that I literally have no idea the value of and so it would be fantastic if you people could give me a rough estimation of what is a reasonable sum of worth. I would really rather these items I once treasured go to other collectors. I also would rather not be sitting on these for long so I am looking for low end estimates but not so low that I am ripping myself off so to speak. As I say, I literally don't know their worth anymore so please forgive my bending of the rules as I don't really know of a better place to ask advice on this matter. :)

My collection consists of 2 dozen signed figures and as many or more sign print photos / trading cards. All the figures I got autographed in person and most of which have printed photographs I took at the time of signing in which the actor is signing and/ or posing with the signed figure afterwards. I only have my figures to hand right now and will post another list of my prints later if this first post is permitted. All figures are MOMC in star cases since day they were signed, here's what I have:

Episode 1

• TC-14 - John Fensom
• Sio Bibble - Oliver Ford Davies
• Watto - Andy Secombe
• Naboo Royal Security - David Sexton
• Ric Olie - Ralph Brown


• Saesee Tiin - Jesse Jensen
• R2-D2 - Kenny Baker
• Aurra Sing - Michonne Bourriague
• Leia Organa (General) - Carrie Fisher (with pic of signing but not actual item)
• Darth Maul (Final Duel) - Ray Park
• Darth Maul (Sith Apprentice) - Ray Park
• K-3PO - Chris Parsons
• Boss Nass - Brian Blessed
• Lando Calrissian - Billy Dee Williams
• Scout Trooper - Lightning Bear
• Anakin Skywalker (mechanic) - Jake Lloyd
• Chewbacca (Dejarik Champion) - Peter Mayhew
• Tessek - Gerald Home
• Chewbacca (Mechanic) - Peter Mayhew
• Mon Calamari (Officer) - Simon Williamson
• Plo Koon - Alan Ruscoe
• Amanaman (deluxe) - Ailsa Berk (No picture and edgewear)


• Tion Meddon - Bruce Spence
• General Grievous (No. 36) - Matthew Wood


• POTF Comm Talk Chip R2-D2 & Holographic Leia - Kenny Baker (No picture)
• POTF Freeze Frame Mon Mothma - Caroline Blakiston
• Expanded Universe Mara Jade - Shannon McRandle

I understand from some reasearch that the Lightning Bear one might be impossible to sell after being found a fraud, convicted criminal and now dead????

Any advice would be great. Many thanks in advance. :D

HomeHomeStar Wars Autog...Star Wars Autog...Star Wars Autog...Star Wars Autog...Old forum member needing help.Old forum member needing help.

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