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 Gary X
Gary X
Known to the rest of the civilized world as Gary Price, Gary X is one of the foremost collectors and experts on autographs from the Star Wars films. He is the founder of Wattographs, having splintered it off from the highly popular Autograph Central website in 2000.

His Star Wars autograph expertise (and second-to-none rolodex of Star Wars actors) found Topps Trading Cards calling on him to help get the 25 signers for their first Evolution card set—the insert set was the first-ever to feature autographs of Star Wars actors on trading cards. Gary X is also the author of the forthcoming Collecting the Autographs of Star Wars: A Reference Guide. He is also recognized as a "Super Collector" contributor to the Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book by Todd Carlson, providing autograph pricing and articles.

Gary X is co-partner of Wattographs' parent company, Orwell Interactive Media, and handles the day-to-day administration of the website and staff, site content, non-database-related programming and some celebrity signings. He resides in the Denver, Colorado area.

 Scott Toth

Scott Toth & Adrianne Curry

Scott lives outside of Detroit, Michigan, which is not that bad except for the weather. 

"I am actually in a good location for attending conventions and I attend as many conventions as I can that are within driving distance.  I collect every Star Wars autograph I can from the actors/actresses to comic artists who have done Star Wars art. I have branched out into other areas as well.  I have quite a few Star Trek autographs and miscellaneous autographs from people I really liked in a movie or TV series.  I have been attending conventions since 1994....and they have changed over the last decade."

Scott is co-partner of Wattographs' parent company, Orwell Interactive Media, and handles all monetary transactions and shipping of Wattographs catalog orders (among other things).

  David "The Pyeman" Pye
David Pye & Koo Stark

David lives in Norwich, England.

"I have been collecting Star Wars autographs since 1978 and sadly action figures and the like as well - problem is I'm running out of space for it all - must evict the wife!  (Editor's Note: the wife stayed - the collection went into storage.) The joy of living in England is that no UK convention is more than six hours away, plus we have a plethora of actors from the first four produced films...many of whom have become friends over the years. I remember when actors signed for free! Ah, happy days. My autograph collection takes in anybody who was in Star Wars from Peter Cushing and Alec Guinness, down to that Lucasfilm Guy."

The Pyeman is our UK representative, handling all UK-based signings and convention signings for Wattographs.

 Jay Dunn
Jay Dunn & Mark Hamill

Jay grew up watching Star Wars on video cassette.

In high school, he got his dream job working at the Official Star Wars Fan Club (1998-2001) where he was known as the "expert" for Star Wars action figures. As a collector, he now specializes in autographs, prop replicas, and other high-end collectibles.  Jay is in charge of shipping and public relations at Wattographs.  He also does guest booking for conventions and events. Outside of Star Wars, Jay is an artist, photographer and connoisseur of awesome burgers.

Jay resides in the Denver, Colorado area.

 Joel Cooke
Joel Cooke & Mike Edmonds
Everyone who has ever known him knows that Joel's always wanted to be a Jedi since first seeing the original trilogy. He hasn't stopped loving the Star Wars universe since. Joel joined the Wattographs staff in Fall, 2005 after helping out extensively with the celebrity address database for a good part of the of the year. He continues to make sure that the database is up-to-date with new addresses and information, as well as photographic images for various site content.

Joel resides in what some people consider to be the Tatooine of the United States: Central Florida.

 Chris Walsh
Chris Walsh & Sandi Finlay

Chris Walsh lives in Sydney, Australia. Mid thirties, he grew up as an 80’s kid, especially in the Star Wars world, but also other movies with a "cult" following, such as NeverEnding Story, Labyrinth & The Goonies!

"I have always had a passion for information about these movies and once the world of autographing was opened to me via Wattographs, the two worlds combined—now I have a very extensive knowledge of what actor played what character (as well as behind the scenes roles) and I am still learning!"

Chris' never-say-die attitude for chasing down the "impossible" signers—including Ahmed Best and Koo Stark— finally brought signatures to the collections of fans via Wattographs. His role as Signings Manager has included many names that hadn't been offered as signings previous and he will continue to find excellent autograph opportunities for the Star Wars autograph community.

Frank D. Rich
Frank Rich & Jeremy Bulloch

We know what you’re thinking…How did the brain trust of Wattographs land world-renowned New York Times writer Frank Rich?  Simple: they didn’t. 

This Frank hails from Gloucester, Massachusetts, the small fishing village which inspired such books and films as Captains Courageous and The Perfect Storm.  From a Sicilian fishing family, he has dual citizenship in the US and Italy and spends most of his days just outside of the “Hub of the Universe”, Boston, Massachusetts. 

Frank’s love for Star Wars began when he saw the first film in the theatre in 1977 just before his 5th birthday. His love for the saga has grown more powerful since that day, as evidenced by his seeing Revenge of the Sith four times, in four different cities, on it’s opening day. 

After accumulating the vast majority of the Kenner Star Wars of toys in his youth, Frank turned to collecting Star Wars Insider Magazine as an adult before finding his way to autographs.  “I started collecting Star Wars autographs in 2006 when I first found my local convention, Super Megafest.  That first convention was my gateway into this amazing world of Star Wars autograph collecting.”  It was that passion that inspired Frank to create his website Star Wars Autograph Collection in 2011.  Frank handles autograph-related news and feature interviews for Wattographs.

 In Memoriam: Geir Nymo (1978-2009)
Geir Nymo
Geir became a staffer for Wattographs in summer, 2005, after putting together a signing with four Norwegians involved in The Empire Strikes Back as Hoth Rebels. These individuals had never done an autograph signing before and they were the catalyst for Wattographs' world-famous Connoisseur Series. Geir did address research work and celebrity contact for Wattographs. He was always looking to add to his collection of Star Wars autographs and collectibles. Geir is the all-time largest contributor of celebrity addresses to the Wattographs database and also helped out by chiming in on our old forums, where he had been named official Court Jester.

Geir lived on an island just outside the town of Bergen, Norway. Wattographs dedicated the Jabba the Hutt Connoisseur Series piece to his memory.

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